Friday, July 25, 2014

Coverage of FCW Live Event: Tag Team Match

This is full coverage of the FCW Divas Tag Team Match which toke place at the Fenn Center in Ft. Pierce, FL on August 17th, 2012

Emma and Audrey Marie vs. Paige and Skylar Moon

The match is quickly underway as Audrey drags Skylar into her corner for a tag. Audrey whips her into a arm drag by Emma. Skylar sends her to the corner but misses a splash when Emma slides through ropes. Emma slides under her for a sit-out pin but Skylar holds onto the ropes but Emma catches her. Emma with multiple pinning varations; small package, roll-up and jackknife pins.

Skylar takes advantage by throwing her into Paige's boot. Skylar with a tag to Paige. Paige with a snap suplex for the two count. Emma's hair extensions came out. Paige and Skylar play with it. Paige chokes her in the corner while making a tag to Skylar. Skylar with some boots in the corner. Skylar with a horrible snap suplex which looks like Emma didn't sell at all.  Skylar with a tag to Paige.

Emma catches her with a over the shoulder arm drag. Paige runs into a drop toe hold. Emma makes the tag to Audrey. Skylar tries to interfere but Audrey trips her up. Audrey rides them like cattle. Audrey slams them both face first into the mat. Paige counters into a flapjack into the ropes. Paige with her infamous scream. Paige with a Abdominal stretch but Audrey escapes. Paige catches her leg but Audrey reveres into a single leg monkey flip. She makes a tag to Emma.

Emma with some lariats. Emma with a snapmare followed by a low dropkick. Emma with a monkey flip in the corner. Emma rolls through. Skylar tries to interfere but Audrey throws her into the mat by her hair. Paige takes Audrey out with a super kick. Paige goes for a inside cradle but instead rolls through into a Cradle DDT for the win.

Winners: Skylar Moon and Paige via Cradle DDT.

Skylar brings Emma's hair extensions in the ring to celebrate.

Coverage of NXT Live Event: Divas Triple Treat Match

This a report of a NXT Live Event in Plant City Armory, Florida. Tonight's match was contested in a triple-treat match.

Skylar Moon vs. Emma vs. Audrey Marie

Skylar takes her time playing with her skull. Audrey and Skylar singled out Emma. Emma avoids her attackers by rolling through them. Emma with some over the shoulder arm drags and a hip toss to Audrey. Skylar attempts to attack Emma from behind but freaks out when Emma goes to strike her. Emma with an tilt-a-whirl headsissors takedown to Audrey. Emma with a snapmare followed by a low dropkick. Skylar breaks up the pinfall.

Skylar sends her to the corner but Skylar misses a splash in the corner. Emma with an shoulder thrust and slides under her for an sunset flip. Emma with an Oklahoma roll but Audrey with a single leg dropkick. Audrey slams her face into the mat. Emma eventually catches Audrey and Skylar with an head scissors, headlock takeover combination. Emma goes for a suplex with no avail.

They double team Emma with a double gorilla press drop. Audrey throws Emma across the ring by her hair. Skylar does the slam. Audrey once again throws her by the hair. Skylar does some weird thing to Emma. Audrey traps Emma into the ropes as Skylar with a back rake. Skylar with a dropkick to Emma. Skylar pins Emma but Audrey breaks it up. Audrey screams at Skylar that she runs this match. Audrey pins her but Skylar breaks it up.

Audrey with a Boston crap and Skylar with a camel clutch to Emma. The two begin to fight as Emma recovers. Emma slams them into each other. Emma with a double leaping clothesline. Emma with a running crossbody to a seated Skylar in the corner. Emma with the same move to Audrey for the two count.

Skylar sends her into the corner followed by a corner clothesline. Audrey joined in the fray and ran at Emma but Skylar blasts her with a forearm. Emma catches Skylar with a Oklahoma roll when she went to pin Audrey. The referee was distracted so Emma only got a one count. Skylar pushes Emma away but Emma tries for a clothesline but Skylar catches her with spinning argentine backbreaker rack dropped into a reverse STO, which she calls the Merry-Go-Round-of-Doom for the win.

Winner: Skylar Moon via Merry-Go-Round-of-Doom

Monday, July 21, 2014

COVERAGE of IWA Unlimited's "Code Black": Scarlett Bordeaux vs. Angelus Layne

IWA Unlimited's women's wrestling match between, making her IWAU debut, Scarlett Bordeaux and Angelus Layne.

From IWA Unlimited's "Code Black" wrestling event held on May 11, 2012, in Olney, IL.

Scarlett Bordeaux vs. Angelus Layne.

Scarlett was the heel in this match, adopting the persona of a superficial prima donna. Angelus pointed at her breast which she said this makes her a real women.  Scarlett screamed at the fans saying Angelus "is not a real women, she's a dog". Scarlett with a slap to the face. Scarlett slams her down by the hair. A fan screams at Scarlett "your not a real women, your a SLUT!". They lock up. Angelus powers her to the corner. Angelus with two forearms to Scarlett. Angelus quiets the audience and hits an knife edge chop. Angelus whips her across the ring. Angelus with an elbow splash onto Scarlett in the corner. Angelus with an quick vertical suplex for a one count.

Angelus with a scoop slam. Angelus misses an senton attempt. Scarlett goes for a sitout facebuster but Angelus powers her to the corner. Angelus with some mounted punches before Scarlett hits an inverted atomic drop. Scarlett begins to slam Angelus in the corner back and forth. Scarlett with some knife edge chop. Scarlett throws her across the ring by her hair. Scarlett with a rake to the back. Scarlett with an dragon sleeper through the ropes. Scarlett with some strikes to the groin area. Scarlett makes fun of her looks. Scarlett with a standing hair-pull. Scarlett with an pin for two and another pin for two.

Scarlett goes for an suplex but Angelus with a inside cradle for a one count. Angelus with an sidewalk slam. Angelus signals for an high flying move but Scarlett with an double axe handle to the back. Scarlett places her in an tree of woe and places her foot in the groin area. After a couple of strikes and a chinlock by Scarlett, Angelus fights back with an arm trap neckbreaker!

Both women are down until the count of six when Scarlett with an strike. The women trade punches until Angelus with a snapmare followed by an rolling neck snap. Angelus with an double knee followed by an quick pin. Scarlett with a kick. Scarlett goes for a Tornado DDT but Angelus reveres it with an bear hug into a bridging northern lights suplex for a almost three.

Scarlett with an double knee facebreaker for two. Scarlett with a dragon sleeper but Angelus powers her into the corner. Angelus catches Scarlett with an full nelson with some bodyscissors. Scarlett taps.

Winner via Submisson: Angelus Layne via Full nelson with bodyscissors.

COVERAGE of Northern Plains Outlaw Wrestling: Scarlett Bordeux vs. Rose Thorn

This is full coverage of the following match which was contested on October 21, 2011 in the promotion Northern Plains Outlaw Wrestling in Williston, ND.


Scarlett Bordeux vs. Rose Thorn

 The match begins with Rose pushing Scarlett. Scarlett pushes her back only to get slapped in the face. Scarlett runs the ropes until Rose attempts a hip toss but Scarlett tries to reverse it with one of her own with no avail. Scarlett with an club to the midsection. Scarlett goes for a what looks like an legdrop bulldog but backflips out of the Rose's reversal attempt . Scarlett catches her with an over the shoulder arm drag. The two women trade arm wrench into wrist locks until Scarlett hits a arm wringer.

They trade short lived submissions until Scarlett knocks Rose out of the ring. Rose spends what feels like a eternity outside of the ring. Rose runs into an drop toe hold followed by an quick sweep to leg for two. Rose with a knife edge chop to Scarlett in the corner. Rose tosses her across the ring. Rose with an standing hair pull. Rose with a vertical suplex floated over into a pin for two.

Rose places Scarlett in the corner but Scarlett with an knee to the gut, Scarlett with some fast slaps to Rose. Scarlett whips Rose to the opposite corner followed by an monkey flip. Scarett with a Shining wizard transitioned into an rana pin for two. Rose chokes her on the ropes. Rose with an slap. Rose whips her into the ropes but Scarlett catches her with an spinning facebuster.

Both women are down as the referee counts. Rose and Scarlett get to the feet at 8. They trade punches. Scarlett with an sorta of kneeling facebuster. Scarlett with a leaping back elbow. Scarlett goes for another kneeling facebuster which looks like she landed bad on the fall. Scarlett comes back with a sitout facebuster.

Scarlett with whips her into the corner followed by another whip to the opposite corner which Rose reverses. Rose runs into an boot to the face. Scarlett flys of the top rope with an diving crossbody to get the win.

Winner: Scarlett Bordeaux via Diving crossbody.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Coverage of Uproar Pro Wrestling 1/11: Justine Silver vs. Barbi Hayden

This is full coverage of From Uproar Pro Wrestling's Collision Course on January 11th, 2014 live from the Verizon Event Center in New Port Richey, FL. 

Justine Silver vs. Barbi Hayden

Barbie is out first, Justine comes out in an superhero like outfit. Once Justine is in the ring, Barbi takes some time getting in the ring but when she does she spits her gum in the referee's hand.

The two lock up and Barbi pushes Justine in the corner. The referee makes the count. Barbi was again places her in the corner this time mounting her self over Justine. Justine want an test of strength but Barbi with an beautiful double wrist-lock bridging northern lights to get the two count. Barbi is still holding the double wrist-lock as Justine takes the opportunity to hit a monkey flip. Justine with an splash on Barbi in the corner. Justine with an snapmare followed by an low double dropkick to get the two count.

Barbie reverses a Irish whip into an knee to the gut. Barbie with abdominal stretch followed by an couple of elbows. Barbie eventually applies an claw until she tosses her down by the hair. Barbie jumps off the second rope with some knees. Barbie pins Justine while trying to put her foot on the ropes. Barbie tries for an suplex but Justine with an inside cradle. Barbie quickly shuts her down with an lariat. Barbie with an dragon sleep while wrapping one of Justine's arms around and under Barbie's leg.

Barbie with an front facelock but Justine rams her into the corner. Justine with some shoulder thrusts. Justine goes for an splash but Barbi ducks. Barbie with Step-up high knee followed by a elevated headscissors takedown. Barbie begins to argue with the ref as Justine gets to her feet. Justine with some forearms, a clothesline followed by an double dropkick. Justine with three-quarter facelock into a Russian legsweep for two and an half.

Barbie reverses an flap jack attempt and lifts Justine on the top rope. Barbie with an Spike DDT of the top rope.

 Winner: Barbie Hayden via Hayden Halo (Elevated Spike DDT).

Monday, July 14, 2014

NXT Live Event - 06/07/14 - @ Fenn Center (Ft. Pierce, FL)

This is the live report for an NXT Live Event on June 7, 2014.

Devin Taylor versus. Carmella

Carmella quickly sends Devin into the corner and begins to stomp at her. Carmella sends Devin face first into the second turnbuckle. Devin catches Carmella with two back to back Ippon seoi nage (know as an over-the-shoulder arm drag) followed by flying snapmare. Devin quickly transitions it to a submission hold, which I believe is an kneeling surfboard. Devin transitioned the hold into an crucifix pin for two. Devin with an arm wringer and an pin.

Carmella with an knee to the gut and forearm to the back. Carmella sends Devin into the corner. Carmella with an leg choke on the second rope as she checks her nails. Devin with an loud slap to Carmella. Carmella throws her across the ring by her hair. Carmella with an headscissors takedown out of the corner, but she keeps the headscissors applied. Devin bridges out of the hold into an pin for the two count. Carmella slams Devin's face into the mat crazily. Carmella back to the headscissors.

Devin attempts to bridge out again but Carmella catches her with an headlock. Devin breaks out with an punch. Devin with an forward Russian legsweep. Devin with two lariats and a single leg dropkick. Carmella catches Devin in an fireman's carry but Devin counters it into an sunset flip.

Carmella sits down but Devin reverses into an sit-out pin for the three count.

Winner: Devin Taylor via Sit-out pin

After the match, Carmella and Devin were both shocked Devin won.