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Live Event: 3/28/14

I would like to announced that I will be writing reports of WWE Live events starting with this one. This live event was taped in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The Bella Twins and Eva Marie vs. Alicia Fox, Aksana and Layla.

Nikki Bella starts off against Layla. The lock up, Layla with an arm wrench. Nikki reverses and sends Layla off to the corner but she reverses. Nikki with an back elbow followed by an jumping high kick. Nikki gets an pin for two. Nikki tags in Eva Marie. Eva and Nikki with an double arm wrench followed by an double shoot kick to the back of Layla's legs. Eva gets an pin for two.

Eva with an side headlock, Layla fights out and sends Eva off toward the ropes. Eva with an shoulder block and blows an kiss. Eva with an slap to Layla's butt and pulls her into the corner. Eva with an tag to Brie. Brie with couple knee lifts followed by an leaping knee lift. Brie with an dropkick, and an pin for two. Layla attempts to tag in one of partners to the point Aksana falls over the ropes trying to get a tag. As the referee checks on Aksana, Layla takes advantage with an roundhouse kick.

After several tags, Brie attempts to fight back but Layla with an spinning facebuster. Aksana knocks Nikki and Eva off the apron so Brie can't make a tag. Brie makes an tag to Nikki. Nikki with an leaping clothesline, Nikki knocks Layla and Aksana off the apron. Nikki with an facebreaker knee smash. Nikki goes for an backbreaker rack but Layla and Aksana stop her. Eva with an thesz press to Layla as Brie hits Aksana with an missile dropkick. Alicia with an spilt leg to Nikki in the corner but she misses. Nikki lifts her up in the Rack Attack and gets the win!

Winner via Pinfall: The Bella Twins and Eva Marie via The Rack Attack (backbreaker rack)

Monday, May 19, 2014

OVW Episode 725: Dark Women's matches

This is the OVW Report for Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The first women's match of the night features Lovely Lylah as she takes on OVW Women's Champion Trina in an non-title match.
Lovely Lylah vs. Trina
Trina locks up with Lylah pushes her in the corner, and Lylah complains that Trina was pulling her hair. Lylah pulls down Trina into the corner. Lylah charges, but Trina moves and delivers a hip toss.
Lylah comes back and hit Trina with an boot and slams her down by the hair. Lylah with an standing hair pull. Trina manages to make an come back, clotheslines Lylah, and finishes her off with a full nelson facebuster for the victory.
Winner via Pinfall: Trina by Full Nelson Facebuster

Lei'd Tapa, Taeler Hendrix, & Avery (later Envy) vs. Heidi Lovelace, The Blossom Twins.

The match starts with Heidi working over the debuting Avery. Heidi tags in an Hanna Blossom. Hannah with an arm wringer. Holly tags in, Holly with an arm bar. As she works on the arm, Heidi tags back in but Avery with an kick to the gut. Taeler tags in, Heidi chases after Taeler. Heidi finally gets a hold of her.
She delivers a hip toss, and throws Taeler into Tapa. Tapa tags in and clotheslines Heidi, then tosses her down. Tapa with an scoop slam. Tapa with an standing hair-pull. She chokes Heidi across the middle rope as Taeler tags herself in. Tapa is unhappy about Taeler blind tagging her. Taeler runs out and tags Avery as she gets out, running from Tapa. Avery is distracted by Taeler and Tapa. The Blossom attack Taeler and Tapa. The Blossoms hit a double side slam (Blossom Bomb) on Avery for the win.

Winner via Pinfall: The Blossom Twins and Heidi Lovelace via Double Sid Slam.

After the match, Tapa attacks The Blossoms, she slams them down to the mat on their faces, and then Tapa with an Fireman's carry stunner to Heidi Lovelace. Tapa is still furious at Taeler and Avery for losing the match. Tapa then chases Taeler and Avery to the back.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

WRESTLE RAMPAGE: Resurrection (Savannah Summers vs. Envy)

Riot City Wrestling’s women’s champion Savannah Summers is back after spending 2013 in the USA with the SHIMMER promotion. So far she is 2 from 2 at WRESTLE RAMPAGE, taking down KC Cassidy and Jessie McKay.
Savannah Summers vs. Envy
The lock up. Savannah whips Envy into the corner. Savannah charges at Envy. Envy with an back elbow. Envy with an clothesline. Savannah sends Envy to the corner. Savannah charges at her and misses. Envy with an running bulldog out of the corner. Envy with an
Savannah kicks out. Envy charges at Savannah. Savannah pulls her down on top of the second rope. Savannah with an hip attack to Envy who is across the ropes. Savannah with an inverted northern lights suplex. Savannah whips Envy into the ropes.
Envy catches Savannah with an headscissors takedown. Envy charges at Savannah who is in the corner but misses. Savannah with Fireman's carry stunner to Envy to pick up the win.
Winner via Pinfall: Savannah Summers via fireman's carry stunner.

Envy as Psycho Ex-Girlfriend in the Music Video "End of The Line"

Marianne Paterson who also known Envy appears in "End Of The Line" by Darker Half as the Psycho Ex-Girlfriend who kills the audience members and the band.

It is available now on iTunes through MGM Distribution. Get it here:

The Official music video for the "End of The Line". Watch it here:

OVW femme fatale Envy departs from OVW.

Following the ''Saturday Night Special'' on the 3rd of August 2013, Envy would not make any more appearances signing her departure, her fellow "Mean Girls" partner Taeler Hendrix would appear at the OVW ''Old School" special days later without Envy.

OVW TV #726: ODB returns for One Night Only

This is the OVW Report for Wednesday, July 17, 2013.

Taeler Hendrix and Envy walking down the hallway and Taeler tells Envy that Wednesdays are for blue nail polish, not red. They walk in on Jessie Godderz, who wants some privacy, and they call him a loser.

TNA Knockout and the first Women's Champion ODB comes to the ring. She says it's good to be back. She talks about how when she was in OVW, she started the Women's division. She won the first ever OVW Women's Title in Rio De Janeiro. She got arrested at a show at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. She wrestled with the likes of Beth Phoenix, Serena, Katie Lea, Alicia Fox, and Kelly Kelly.

She said she wouldn't mind getting a little physical tonight, and asks for the toughest girl in the back to come out. Trina answers the call and says she is the OVW Women's Champion. Lei'd Tapa then comes out. ODB tells Tapa "Don't eat me." Tapa says that Trina might be champion, but she is the toughest here. ODB says how about we do a 3-way...BAM!

Lei'd Tapa vs. ODB vs. Trina.

Lei'D Tapa shoves Trina down. ODB with several forehand chops followed by an body avalanche to Tapa in the corner. Trina with an right hand to ODB, ODB charges at Trina and knocks her down. ODB with an drop-toe hold face slam. ODB with an inverted facelock. Trina slams ODB in the corner and with some shoulder blocks. Trina with an knife edge chop followed by an clothesline. Trina pins ODB but Tapa breaks it up.

Tapa hits both women with an tomahawk chop followed by an leaping double shoulder block.
 Tapa slam ODB face into the mat. Tapa applies an inverted mandible claw. Tapa with several stomps to ODB as she levels her self in the corner. Tapa with an corner foot choke. Tapa with an scoop slam. Trina attempts to come back into the match but Tapa shuts her down. Tapa whips ODB into the corner and charges at her.

ODB rolls through and lifts Tapa up. Tapa's weight advantage causes Tapa to fall onto top of ODB. Trina breaks up the pin. Trina with an inverted chinlock, Tapa gets to her feet and flips Trina over. ODB with several forehand chops as she enlist Trina to double team her. They whip Tapa into the ropes. They duck an clothesline and hit an double shoulder block but Tapa doesn't go down. They hit another shoulder block but she doesn't go down.

They charge and hit an leaping shoulder block to knock Tapa off her feet. Trina rolls ODB in an schoolgirl as she went to pin Tapa. Trina attempts and crossbody block but ODB catches her and hits an fallaway slam followed by a kip-up. ODB charges at Trina, and Trina pulls the top rope down causing ODB to fly out. Trina turns into a big boot from Tapa and Tapa gets the victory.

Winner via Pinfall: Lei'D Tapa via big boot.

The A-List (Taeler Hendrix & Envy) & Lovely Lylah vs. Heidi Lovelace & The Blossom Twins.

Envy makes her in-ring debut teaming with her fellow "The Mean Girls" a.k.a The A-List partner Taeler Hendrix and Lovely Lylah against Heidi Lovelace and The Blossom Twins (Hannah and Holly Blossom).

The lock up, Lylah with a side headlock on Holly. Holly reverses and tags in Hannah. Hannah with an take over and tags in Heidi. Heidi with an headbutt to Lylah in the ribcage and tags Holly back in. Holly with a side headlock takedown. Lylah manages to escape with an couple shots to Holly and tags Envy.

Envy charges at Holly, Holly with an drop toe-hold. Holly with an side-headlock, and Holly tags Hannah in. Hannah rolls up Envy in an Envy kicks out at 2. Hanna tags in Heidi who tries a small, Envy kicks out again. Heidi tags Holly in and goes to roll her again Envy kicks out.

Envy with an toe kick. Envy drags her by her hair and slams her into her corner. Envy tags in Taeler. Taeler with an corner foot choke to Holly. Taeler with an forehand chop. Hendrix hits her with an  boot. Hendrix with another forehand chop.

Lylah blind tags herself in. She charges Holly, but misses and runs into the corner. Holly tags in Heidi. Heidi jumps up on Lylah's shoulders and plants her with a sitout facebuster for 3.

Winners via Pinfall: Heidi Lovelace & The Blossom Twins via V-Splash.

 After the match, the "The Mean Girls" (Taeler Hendrix and Envy) who aren't happy about Lylah costing them the match write "L" which stands for loser on Lylah's forehead with lipstick.

OVW TV #727: Femme Fatales Brawl

This is the OVW Report for Wednesday, July 24, 2013. All the Femme Fatales want a shot at OVW Women's Championship.

Lovely Lylah vs. Lei'D Tapa

Lovely Lylah with an shove to Tapa. Tapa with an clothesline followed by an boot and another clothesline. Tapa with an corner foot choke to Lylah. Tapa chokes her across the ropes. Tapa with an scoop slam followed by some stomps. Lylah manages to get back up.

Lylah with an shoot kick to Tapa in the side of her leg. Lylah with an quick dropkick to her leg which doesn't effect Tapa. Tapa lifts her and hits an front powerslam. Tapa slams her head into the mat. Tapa with an Tongan death grip and lifts her up and hits Fireman's carry stunner for the win.

Winner via Pinfall: Tapa via Fireman's carry stunner

The Mean Girls (Taeler Hendrix and Envy) come out to the ring to Christina Aguilera's "Not Myself Tonight" and Taeler Hendrix says she wants to become a 4-time Women's Champion. OVW Women's Champion Trina comes out and says she is willing to accept any challenge. Heidi Lovelace comes out and says that Taeler may have been the first to defeat Trina, but she defeated Taeler with the "Kiss of Death".

Jessie Belle comes out and says that she never got an rematch for the title when she lost it to Epiphany. Nikki St. John is out next. She says that she knows Taeler's ring work and taunts Heidi about her being and lesbian. Lovely Lylah is out saying she deserves an title shot because she's an princess. Taeler makes fun of her lingerie attire. The Blossom Twins come out and say the deserve an title shot because they have been her for an long time, but Hannah says she deserves the title shot, the two go at it.

They all begin to fight. The Mean Girls beat up Heidi with their shoes as Lei'D Tapa enters the ring. The Blossoms and The Mean Girls charge at her but get clotheslined. Tapa with an scoop slam to Nikki St. John. Tapa with an headbutt to Jessie Belle. Tapa takes out Heidi as Trina takes out Lylah. Trina turns around and eats and big boot. Tapa is the only one left standing. Lei'D Tapa says the everyone will bow down.

OVW TV #728: Nine-Woman Gauntlet match

This is the OVW Report for Wednesday, July 31, 2013. In this final episode before the next Saturday Night Special on August 3rd, the Femme Fatales compete in an Nine-Woman Gauntlet match to determine the number one contender for the OVW Women's Championship.

OVW Women's Champion Trina comes out for commentary.

Nine-Woman Gauntlet match

Taeler Hendrix is the first participate coming out to Christina Aguilera "Not Myself Tonight". Next is Heidi Lovelace.

Taeler gives Heidi the first shot, Heidi with an slap. Heidi attempts to toss Hendrix over the top rope but Hendrix remains in the match. Taeler with an chop to Heidi's chest. Taeler goes to eliminate Heidi with no avail as Hannah Blossom enters the match. Hannah beats down on Taeler and tosses her to the side. Hannah attempts to eliminate Heidi as Heidi tries to eliminate Hannah. Taeler with an double axe handle and back rake to Hanna followed by an boot to Heidi.

Hannah and Heidi teams up to eliminate Hendrix. Nikki St. John is the next participate. Nikki with some shots to both Heidi and Hannah. Taeler believes Nikki is her ally but Nikki with an punch but misses. Taeler pushes St. John into Lovelace. Heidi with some knife edge chops to Taeler in the corner as Hannah tosses St. John in the opposite corner. The two attempt to whip Taeler and Nikki into each other but Taeler reverses. The crash into each other as Hannah and Taeler hit each other which knocks them down.

Holly Blossom is out next. Holly ask Hannah to help eliminate the others but Hannah charges at Holly. The two trades sweeps to the legs. Both with an dropkick to each other but both fail. They both try to eliminate each with no avail. Taeler and Nikki eliminate Holly.

Holly Blossom is eliminated.

The two celebrate as Hannah looks on but not for long as the turn on each other. Lovely Lylah enters with an fancy entrance. Hannah quickly hits her with an bicycle kick. Hannah tries to eliminate Lylah but her weight advantage keeps her down. Taeler in holding onto the steel pole on the outside. Taeler eventually reenters.

Jessie Belle is the next entrance. She quickly goes after Lovely Lylah. Jessie with some shots. Lylah scoops her up and over the top rope. Taeler pushs Lylah to Jessie. Lylah with an shot but misses. Jessie with an shoulder block into Lylah. Jessie reenters the ring. Lei'D Tapa is the next entrance. Lei'D Tapa with an big boot to Heidi. Hannah with some shots but Lei'D Tapa eliminates Hannah!

Hannah Blossom is eliminated.

Lylah charges at Tapa but Tapa pushes her away. Hendrix and St. John go at Tapa but fail. All of them attack Tapa. Tapa knocks them all off. Taeler eliminates Taeler Hendrix. Tapa eliminates Nikki St. John next. Tapa scoops Jessie Belle over the top rope.

Taeler Hendrix, Nikki St. John, Jessie Belle are eliminated.

The final participate Envy rushes quickly to the ring. Tapa tosses Lovely Lylah over the top and she falls.

Lovely Lylah is eliminated.

Envy yells at Tapa. Tapa face pushes Envy. Tapa yells at Trina that she's coming for the title as Envy is furious at Tapa. Envy attempts to slap Tapa but Tapa catches her. Tapa chokes her. Tapa flips Envy backwards over the ropes as Taeler Hendrix watches shocked.

Envy is eliminated.

Tapa challenges Trina to come in the ring so she can crush her. Tapa doesn't know Heidi Lovelace is still in the match. Lovelace with an shot to the back of Tapa. Tapa kicks Heidi in the stomach and lifts her into an powerbomb position and goes to eliminate her. Heidi reverses and Tapa goes over the rope! Heidi wins the match!

Winner and number 1 contender: Heidi Lovelace

Trina gets in the ring to congratulate Heidi. Tapa reenters the ring and Heidi turns into a big boot. Trina then gets the Fireman's carry stunner as Tapa yells that this is her island and holds up the OVW Women's Championship.

OVW Saturday Night Special: Heidi Lovelace vs. Trina Thompson

This is the OVW Saturday Night Special Report for Saturday, August 3, 2013. Trina defended the OVW Women's Title against Heidi Lovelace. The OVW femme fatales work as special guest ring announcers.

The A-List a.k.a The Meanest Girls (Taeler Hendrix & Envy) come out as special guest ring announcers. Taeler says who feels that she should be in a title match but then her & Envy introduce the teams. Rockstar Spud asks Taeler and Envy what the "A" stands for in A-List, is it A for Annoying? He says no one wants to see Little Red Riding Hood with a fat backside to Taeler, or Carrot Top with overpriced implants to Envy.

The Blossoms are the special guest ring announcers for the next match between The Marauders vs. Aaron Sky, Albert Einstein Baxter II & Stephon J. Baxter III. Nikki St. John is the special ring announcer between Elvis Pridemoore vs. "Marksman" Nick Dumeyer.

Lei'd Tapa is the ring announcer for the OVW Women's Championship between Heidi Lovelace vs. Trina.
OVW WOMEN'S TITLE MATCH: Trina Thompson (c). vs. Heidi Lovelace

They lock up and Heidi runs into Trina and bounces off due to Trina's weight advantage. Trina knocks her down and wraps Heidi's arms around her neck in a submission. Heidi breaks out of the hold. Heidi with an dropkick to Trina, but doesn't knock her down. She goes for a second, but misses. Trina with an surfboard. Heidi manages to escape.

Trina charges at her and hits an hard clotheslines. Trina throws her from corner to corner. The third time, Heidi jumps up and locks her legs around Trina's head, but Trina drops her down face first out of the corner. Trina charges at Heidi in the corner, but Heidi moves out of the way. 

Heidi with an couple of clotheslines which doesn't knock down Trina, but Hedi hits her with an dropkick that Trina kicks out. Heidi goes up top, but Trina recovers fast enough to throw her off the top for...1.....2..No! Heidi kicks out.

Trina goes for the samoan drop, but Heidi slides off and rolls Trina up for an schoolgirl for.....1.....2...No! Trina manages to hold on to her title. Trina captures Heidi in the samoan drop and this time connects with the samoan drop for the win! Trina successfully retains her title against Heidi.

Winner by Pinfall: Trina Thompson via Samoan Drop
After the match, Tapa tells Trina that she can hold on to the title now, but she is in her ring, her island, and will make Trina look like an elephant and take the OVW Women's Title and dominate.

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Reby Sky takes on Tab Jackson in Vendetta Pro Wrestling which was taped in Chowchilla, California.

Reby Sky vs. Tab Jackson

They lock up, Tab with an wrist lock. Reby rolls through and applies one herself. Tab attempts to escape several times until Reby tosses her across the ring. Reby with an couple over the shoulder arm drags followed by an drop kick. Sky rides her around the ring. Tab escapes and rolls out of the ring. Tab with an hotshot to Reby.

Tab ducks an clothesline and hits an back kick followed by snapmare. Tab applies an surfboard. Reby refuses to submit. Tab releases the hold. The two trade knife edge chops until Tab pulls Reby down by the hair. Tab with an clothesline. Reby fights back with some punches followed by some shoot kicks. Tab catches her leg and tosses her down into an spilt. Tab with an foot ball kick and pins Reby kicks out.

Tab tosses her into the corner. Tab with an stinkface. Reby escapes and gives her an stinkface of her own. Tab whips her into the corner and charges at her. Reby with an back elbow followed by an diving crossbody....1....2.....almost three! Reby with an spin kick to Tab in the corner followed by an bulldog....1....2.....almost three! Sky charges at Tab but eats an dropkick! Reby kicks out.

Tab is frustrated. Reby with an Twist of Fate for the win!

Vendetta Pro Wrestling: Reby Sky vs Amber O'Neal

Reby Sky vs. Amber O'Neal

Amber O'Neal attacks Reby before the bell. Amber with some shoulder thrusts. Amber chokes Reby in the corner with her belt. The referee Shelly Martinez breaks it up. Sky rolls Amber with an schoolgirl as she was arguing with Martinez.....1.....2......almost three! Sky goes for an jackknife but instead she pulls off Amber skirt? Sky with an double leg drop to the groin followed by an prawn two and an half.

Amber attempts to escape but Reby stops her and pulls her half way over the ropes and spanks her. Amber hides behind the referee. Reby goes after her but Amber with an kneeling jawbreaker. Amber with an sit-out! Reby kicks out at two. Amber hits Sky with several forearm clubs to her back. Amber drags Sky over to the ropes and chokes her. Amber whips her but Sky with an short-arm side kick followed by an spinning sole kick.

Sky with an double leg drop followed by an pin for two.  Sky charges at Amber in the corner but Amber catches her with an hanging figure four necklock. Amber with an hot shot. Amber gets back in the ring and pins Reby kicks out at two. The women trade shoot kicks until Amber catches Reby's leg and tosses her down into an spilt. Amber with an armbar while pulling on her hair. Amber attempts to pin Reby using the ropes even though Shelly was watching her the whole time. Amber charges at Reby in the corner but gets struck with an back elbow. Reby with an tornado DDT.

Shelly begins counting both women while their down. Both women make it back up at nine. The trade punches until Sky hits her with an wind-up punch. Amber calls her an "Bitch" and get caught by an headscissors takedown. Reby with some clotheslines. Reby with an spin kick to Amber in the corner followed by an bulldog for two.

Amber whips Reby in the corner. Amber with an corner splash followed by an facewash. Amber and Shelly go at it. Reby kicks Amber into Shelly. Reby hits an Twister of Fate with theatrics! Reby pins her. Reby realizes Shelly is down. Reby wakes up Shelly, Amber attempts to capitalize but is hit with another Twist of Fate! Reby gets the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Reby Sky via Twist of Fate at 3:46

After the match, Reby is attacked by one of the male wrestlers who hits her with an twist of fate. He continues to attack as the bell rings. Reby's husband Matt Hardy makes the save. Hardy checks on Sky but they eventually celebrate Reby's win.

Vendetta Pro Wrestling: Reby Sky vs Hudson Envy

Reby Sky takes on Hudson Envy for Vendetta Pro Wrestling in Santa Maria, California.

Reby Sky vs. Hudson Envy

They lock up, Sky with an side-headlock. Envy stomps on Sky foot to escape. Envy with an armbar. Sky with another side-headlock followed by an swift schoolgirl. Sky puts her chokes Envy in the corner. Envy goes to the outside. Sky followers her to the outside. Envy trips on the rope as she is entering the ring. Sky hells "Are you serious!" and goes with an over the shoulder arm drag. Sky with another over the shoulder arm drag followed by an dropkick. Sky whips Envy in the corner but she reverses it. Envy screams and charges at Sky, Sky with an back elbow. Sky with an double axe handle  off the tope rope. Envy catches her with an swift punch to Sky.

Envy with an falling headbutt. Envy with an corner foot choke followed by an clothesline. Envy chokes Sky against the ropes followed by an kick to the ropes. Sky attempts to fight back with some punches but is cut off. Envy with an Short-arm clothesline. Envy with an kick to the groin. Sky goes back with an Envy kicks out.

Envy with an big boot to shut her down. Sky fights back with punches. The women trade punches until Sky comes back with some shoot kicks, Envy catches her leg and tosses her down into an spilt! Envy with an boot the face. Envy pins Sky kicks out. Sky comes back with an Headscissors takedown  followed by some clotheslines. Sky goes for Front facelock cutter a.k.a Twist of Fate but Envy attempts to reverses it but Sky hits the Twist of Fate! Sky gets the wins! 

Winner by Pinfall: Reby Sky via Twist of Fate at 5:30

Scarlett makes an apperance in ROH

Scarlett appeared in Ring of Honor at their 11th Anniversary Show, accompanying the new member of The House of Truth Matt Taven alongside the heel Truth Martini for his match against Adam Cole for the ROH World Television Championship.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

CSW: Can Scarlett Bordeaux make it 2:0?

Scarlett Bordeaux returned to the promotion to face The Angel. Scarlett became the first women to defeat The Angel in CSW History.

Scarlett Bordeaux vs. The Angel with The Elite Payne

The two lock up, Scarlett with an side headlock. The Angel breaks out of it. The Angel with an knife edge chop to Scarlett against the ropes. The Angel whips Scarlett, Scarlett with an shoulder block. Scarlett ducks an clothesline followed by an headscissors takedown. Scarlett with an leaping knee lift to The Angel in the corner. Scarlett with an monkey flip followed by an shoot kick to the back of The Angel. Scarlett goes for an shining wizard into an rana pin for! The Angel kicks out.

The Angel quickly crawls the corner and calls for one of The Elite Payne. Scarlett with an slap on The Angel's butt. Scarlett leaps out of the corner on to The Angel. The Angel catches her and drops her with an turnbuckle facebuster. The Angel with some kicks, knife edge chops and chokes Scarlett against the ropes. The Elite Payne attempts to choke Scarlett but is caught by the referee. The Angel with an front facelock but Scarlett catches her with an inside cradle which won her pervious match. ....1.....2....No! The Angel manages to escape the pinfall.

The Angel with some shoulder trusts and knife edge chops to Scarlett in the corner. The Angel with an snapmare followed by an sliding side kick to the face of Scarlett. The Angel with an scoop slam followed by an diving stomp. The Angel lifts Scarlett but is caught with an dragon sleeper with bodyscissors! The Angel uses her weight advantage to flip Scarlett off of her.

The Angel goes for another choke against the rope this time while pulling the arms up. The Angel with an couple shoulder trust to Scarlett in the corner. The Angel whips Scarlett into the ropes. Scarlett ducks an clothesline and catches her with an lariat. Scarlett with some clotheslines followed by an spinning wheel kick.! The Angel kicks out. Scarlett with an front facelock. The Angel with an knee lift, she whips Scarlett into the corner. Scarlett with an back elbow. Scarlett with an Diving crossbody off the top rope.

One of The Elite Payne fights with the referee while Scarlett is making the pin. The other tosses one of the tag title belts to The Angel as Scarlett is distracted. The Angel hits Scarlett with title and pins her for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: The Angel

After the match, The Angel tosses Scarlett to the outside as The Elite Payne comes to celebrate.

CSW: Scarlett Bordeaux Debut

Scarlett Bordeaux made her professional wrestling debut in independent promotion Chicago Style Wrestling on April 27, 2012 in Countryside, Illinois at a CSW Southside Showdown event against Angel.

Scarlett Bordeaux vs. The Angel with The Elite Payne

They lock up, Scarlett gets Angel in the corner. The Angel begins to complain to the referee. They lock up again as The Angel uses her weight advantage and pushes Scarlett against the ropes. The referee gets to three before she releases it. The Angel with an slap to Scarlett. Scarlett runs at The Angel and ducks an clothesline followed by an leaping clothesline by Scarlett. Scarlett with an knee lift followed by an knife edge chop. Scarlett with some knees, punches and knife edge chops to The Angel in the corner. Scarlett with an corner splash followed by an bulldog for two.

Scarlett dives off the second rope with an double axe handle but was caught with an right hand trust. The Angel with an scoop slam. The Angel with an knee lift, an knife edge chop and an palm strike followed by an clothesline to Scarlett in the corner. The Angel chokes Scarlett with the ropes for the four count before letting go. The Angel with an body slam. The Angel takes Scarlett by the hair and throws her into the corner. The Angel with an rolling somersault onto Scarlett and with an monkey flip for an two count.

The Angel with an couple strikes to the back of Scarlett. The Angel with an spinning backbreaker and applies an backbreaker hold. Scarlett breaks the hold by kicking The Angel in the head several times. Scarlett falls on top of The Angel for an two count. The Angel gets up first and chokes Scarlett against the ropes. The Angel whips Scarlett against the ropes, she ducks an clothesline and both women catch each other with an spinning facebuster!

Both women are down. The Angel precedes to attack Scarlett but she blocks an punch, the two women trade punches. Scarlett gains momentum and clotheslines The Angel twice before hitting her with an spinning wheel kick! The Angel kicks out at two and an half. Scarlett goes for an suplex or an DDT but The Angel reverses with an Reverse STO! ....1.....2.....NO! Scarlett kicks out right before the three count. The Angel is shocked and begins to argue with the Referee.

The Angel with an couple knee lifts, she sends Scarlett in the corner. The Angel runs at Scarlett but Scarlett with an back elbow to The Angel. Scarlett with an diving crossbody off the top rope. ....1.....2.....NO! The Angel  kicks out right before the three count. Scarlett back on the top rope. One of The Elite Payne distracts the referee while the other pulls Scarlett down. The Angel with an superplex. ....1.....2.....NO! Once again, Scarlett kicks out right before the three count. 

The Angel is frustrated. The Angel with an snap suplex and float over but Scarlett catches her with an insider cradle. Scarlett gets the win! The Angel couldn't believe it!

Winner by Pinfall: Scarlett Bordeaux via Inside Cradle.

OVW TV #692: Scarlett Bordeaux vs. Taryn Terrell

This is the OVW Report for the night of Wednesday, November 21, 2012.

Taeler Hendrix vs. Heidi Lovelace in an Dark match

Taeler kept mocking Heidi asking her "Where's Your Title?" and avoiding entering the ring. Taeler who was the special guest referee in the OVW Women's title match in which Hendrix made fast count making Taryn Terrell the new champion. Heidi finally brought her in and went to town taking out her frustrations from Taeler costing her the title from the week before. Taeler was able to come back and roll up Heidi in an Schoolgirl with handful of tights.

Winner by Pinfall: Taeler Hendrix via Schoolgirl with an handful of tight

Scarlett Bordeaux making her entrance. 

Scarlett Bordeaux vs. Taryn Terrell

Scarlett Bordeaux takes on the new OVW Women's Champion Taryn Terrell in an non-title match. Scarlett makes her way to the ring (her entrance theme is "We Started This Op'ra Sh_t" by Repo! The Genetic Opera)

Scarlett and Taryn shake hands. Taryn applies an side headlock to Bordeaux, which she escapes. Taryn hits Scarlett with an shoulder block. Scarlett attempts to catch Terrell in an hip toss but in turn is hit with an hip toss. Taryn with an over the shoulder arm drag and then with an scoop slam close to the corner. Taryn attempts an Diving crossbody off the second rope which Scarlett moves out of the way. Scarlett with an snapmare followed by a shoot kick to the back of Terrell.

Scarlett with an shining wizard into an rana pin for an one count. Scarlett leaps on Taryn back, and applies an dragon sleeper with bodyscissors.Taryn slams Bordeaux into the corner and flips her over. Taryn ducks an clothesline and hits an spinning back elbow and two leaping clotheslines. Taryn with an northern lights suplex. Taryn whips Scarlett into the corner and catches her in an snapmare. Taryn with an diving bulldog of the second rope to get the win!

Winner via Pinfall: Taryn Terrell via Diving bulldog

After the match, Dylan Bostic came out with a camera asking Taryn to take a picture. Taryn blew him off, but as she walked out of the ring with her back turned, Taeler came out from behind with a bucket of the her dog's feces from earlier and dumped it over Taryn's head. Taryn screamed as Taeler and Dylan laughed as they walked to the back. Taryn runs to the back after Taeler and Dylan leave.

Taryn Terrell performing an Diving bulldog on Scarlett.

OVW TV #689: Beat the Clock Challenges

At the Davis Arena, the Femme Fatales were at each other's throats

Epiphany vs. Jessie Belle  in an Dark Match

Epiphany was dressed as Red Riding Hood and Jessie Belle was dressed like a genie.

Epiphany controlled most of the match due to her size advantage, but Jessie Belle made an come back fight back against Epiphany. The each made pin attempts with no avail of an win. The match ended after a double pin attempt and was declared a draw since both women's shoulders were down.

No contest: Both women's shoulder were pin down.

Heidi Lovelace comes out with Taeler Hendrix and Josette Bynum. All three women are arguing, mainly Josette and Taeler. Heidi was dressed as an playboy bunny, Josette had an Amazon outfit, and Taeler was Poison Ivy from Batman.

Heidi grabs a mic and says they each have a chance for a 1-on-1 match against her at Saturday Night Special. They both have to defeat their opponent in less than 3 minutes, though.

Taeler Hendrix vs. December

December is dressed as an cop. As the match begins Taeler begins to argue with Josette outside of the ring which allows December to take advantage and roll Taeler Hendrix up in an School girl for.....1....2..kick out. Taeler comes at December who hits an sloppy drop-toe-hold. December goes for an Oklahoma roll on an grounded Taeler and gets an two count. December whips Hendrix into the ropes and goes for an dropkick but Hendrix hangs on to the ropes. Taeler quickly chokes December while arguing with Josette.

Hendrix taunts December with her badge. Taeler hits her with an Headbutt which sends her into the corner. Taeler sends December flying to the other corner which she precedes to work on December's leg. Josette gets on the apron to distract Hendrix. December attempts to take advantage but runs in Josette! December turns around where she is with an roundhouse kick to pick up the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Taeler Hendrix via Roundhouse kick in 1:30

Taeler advances to face Heidi Lovelace at the Saturday Nigh Special for the OVW Women's Campionship. Up next, Josette competes against Scarlett Bordeaux.

Josette Bynum vs. Scarlett Bordeaux.

Josette controls the match early on. She picks up Scarlett and hits an scoop slam. The same thing happened in this match as Josette begins to argue with Taeler Hendrix which allows Scarlett to take advantage and roll-up and gets an two count. Josette attempts to clothesline Scarlett but gets caught in an backslide for another two count. Scarlett sweeps her leg and pins her for an one count. Scarlett attempts to strike an distracted Josette but is hit with an kneeling jawbreaker. Josette puts the boot to Scarlett and slams her face into the mat. Josette performs an snapmare and attempts to go for an leg drop but her leg is pulled by Taeler who is in turn stopped by Heidi, Scarlett attempts to take advantage but Josette lifts Bordeux and hits an Death Vally Driver to pick up the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Josette Bynum via Death Valley Driver in 2:12

Which means Josette Bynum advances to face Heidi Lovelace at the Saturday Nigh Special. Taeler and Heidi come in the ring with microphones. Taeler says she is still the number one contender to the title, Josette rips the microphones out of Taeler hand and says she'll be an eight time champion. An angry Lovelace tells the two she beaten them both and will be champion after SNS. Josette toss the girls together and assaults Hedi.

At the Saturday Night Special, Heidi Lovelace will defend the OVW Women's Championship against Taeler Hendrix and Josette Bynum in an triple-treat match.

Thoughts: N/A

OVW TV #685: Scarlett Bordeux vs. Heidi Lovelace

Tonight at the Davis Arena, Scarlett Bordeaux when she faced Heidi Lovelace in an non-title match then face "The Irish Red-headed Bombshell" Taeler Hendrix in an dark match.
Credits: Brain Cannon for this photo of Scarlett (Left) and Heidi (right)

Scarlett Bordeaux vs. Heidi Lovelace.

Before the match gets underway, the two shake hands. The go to lock-up but Heidi sweeps her leg and pins her for an quick 1. Scarlett goes also for an sweep on Heidi and an quick pin. The both stare at each other and shake hands. They go for an lock-up and Heidi catches Scarlett with an side head-lock. Scarlett escapes by lifting up Heidi and dropping her in an Atomic drop. She runs an Heidi and pushes her in the corner. Scarlett goes for an monkey flip and runs at an grounded Heidi and hits an shining wizard move into an rana pin for Heidi kicks out.

Heidi hits Scarlett with an over the shoulder arm drag then another with an armbar. Heidi throws Scarlett in the corner and hits an Hip Attack. She rallys the crowd and hits another Hip attack. Scarlett attempts to hit Heidi with an sloppy spinning wheel kick but fails but Heidi ends up picking up the win after hitting an enziguri. 

Winner by Pinfall: Heidi Lovelace via enziguri

Scarlett Bordeaux vs. Taeler Hendrix wth Dylan Bostic.

Scarlett competes in her second match of the night in an dark match. Taeler begins the match taunting Bordeaux. Hendrix told Dylan not to interfere because it never works.

Taeler attempts to hit Bordeaux several times with no avail, Scarlett hits some fast punches to Hendrix. Scarlett hits repeated shoot kicks to the legs of Hendrix. Scarlett attempts to kick Hendrix in the abdomen but Hendrix hits an swift kick to Bordeaux's knee. Hendrix makes several kicks to several parts of Bordeaux body. Taeler irish whips Bordeaux into the ropes, Bordeaux attempts an crossbody block but Hendrix catches her and hit an front Scarlett kicks out.

 Hendrix irish whips her in the corners. Hendrix lifts Scarlett on top of the turnbuckle. Taeler taunts the crowd by strutting around the ring. Hendrix goes for and Turnbuckle handstand headscissors takedown but Scarlett pushes down Hendrix. Scarlett goes to the top rope and hits an Diving Crossbody and picks up the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Scarlett Bordeaux via Diving Crossbody.

Scarlett is shocked and couldn't believe that she won. Bostic drags Taeler out of the ring.

Credits: Walter Lippmann for taking this photo of Scarlett performing an Diving crossbody.
Thoughts: Scarlett made her televised debut after competing two weeks ago in an dark match. I guess Scarlett is apart of OVW at the moment. Scarlett botched an spinning wheel kick, its was really sloppy and at the start. Though, Scarlett performed really well during the dark match. Heidi is on an winning streak since becoming OVW Women's Champion  defeating Taeler Hendrix, Jessie Belle, Epiphany, and now Scarlett Bordeaux. As for Taeler Hendrix her losing streak continues. Josie makes an few appearance throughout the show.