Tuesday, May 13, 2014

OVW TV #685: Scarlett Bordeux vs. Heidi Lovelace

Tonight at the Davis Arena, Scarlett Bordeaux when she faced Heidi Lovelace in an non-title match then face "The Irish Red-headed Bombshell" Taeler Hendrix in an dark match.
Credits: Brain Cannon for this photo of Scarlett (Left) and Heidi (right)

Scarlett Bordeaux vs. Heidi Lovelace.

Before the match gets underway, the two shake hands. The go to lock-up but Heidi sweeps her leg and pins her for an quick 1. Scarlett goes also for an sweep on Heidi and an quick pin. The both stare at each other and shake hands. They go for an lock-up and Heidi catches Scarlett with an side head-lock. Scarlett escapes by lifting up Heidi and dropping her in an Atomic drop. She runs an Heidi and pushes her in the corner. Scarlett goes for an monkey flip and runs at an grounded Heidi and hits an shining wizard move into an rana pin for 1....2...no Heidi kicks out.

Heidi hits Scarlett with an over the shoulder arm drag then another with an armbar. Heidi throws Scarlett in the corner and hits an Hip Attack. She rallys the crowd and hits another Hip attack. Scarlett attempts to hit Heidi with an sloppy spinning wheel kick but fails but Heidi ends up picking up the win after hitting an enziguri. 

Winner by Pinfall: Heidi Lovelace via enziguri

Scarlett Bordeaux vs. Taeler Hendrix wth Dylan Bostic.

Scarlett competes in her second match of the night in an dark match. Taeler begins the match taunting Bordeaux. Hendrix told Dylan not to interfere because it never works.

Taeler attempts to hit Bordeaux several times with no avail, Scarlett hits some fast punches to Hendrix. Scarlett hits repeated shoot kicks to the legs of Hendrix. Scarlett attempts to kick Hendrix in the abdomen but Hendrix hits an swift kick to Bordeaux's knee. Hendrix makes several kicks to several parts of Bordeaux body. Taeler irish whips Bordeaux into the ropes, Bordeaux attempts an crossbody block but Hendrix catches her and hit an front powerslam....1.....2...no Scarlett kicks out.

 Hendrix irish whips her in the corners. Hendrix lifts Scarlett on top of the turnbuckle. Taeler taunts the crowd by strutting around the ring. Hendrix goes for and Turnbuckle handstand headscissors takedown but Scarlett pushes down Hendrix. Scarlett goes to the top rope and hits an Diving Crossbody and picks up the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Scarlett Bordeaux via Diving Crossbody.

Scarlett is shocked and couldn't believe that she won. Bostic drags Taeler out of the ring.

Credits: Walter Lippmann for taking this photo of Scarlett performing an Diving crossbody.
Thoughts: Scarlett made her televised debut after competing two weeks ago in an dark match. I guess Scarlett is apart of OVW at the moment. Scarlett botched an spinning wheel kick, its was really sloppy and at the start. Though, Scarlett performed really well during the dark match. Heidi is on an winning streak since becoming OVW Women's Champion  defeating Taeler Hendrix, Jessie Belle, Epiphany, and now Scarlett Bordeaux. As for Taeler Hendrix her losing streak continues. Josie makes an few appearance throughout the show.

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