Sunday, July 20, 2014

Coverage of Uproar Pro Wrestling 1/11: Justine Silver vs. Barbi Hayden

This is full coverage of From Uproar Pro Wrestling's Collision Course on January 11th, 2014 live from the Verizon Event Center in New Port Richey, FL. 

Justine Silver vs. Barbi Hayden

Barbie is out first, Justine comes out in an superhero like outfit. Once Justine is in the ring, Barbi takes some time getting in the ring but when she does she spits her gum in the referee's hand.

The two lock up and Barbi pushes Justine in the corner. The referee makes the count. Barbi was again places her in the corner this time mounting her self over Justine. Justine want an test of strength but Barbi with an beautiful double wrist-lock bridging northern lights to get the two count. Barbi is still holding the double wrist-lock as Justine takes the opportunity to hit a monkey flip. Justine with an splash on Barbi in the corner. Justine with an snapmare followed by an low double dropkick to get the two count.

Barbie reverses a Irish whip into an knee to the gut. Barbie with abdominal stretch followed by an couple of elbows. Barbie eventually applies an claw until she tosses her down by the hair. Barbie jumps off the second rope with some knees. Barbie pins Justine while trying to put her foot on the ropes. Barbie tries for an suplex but Justine with an inside cradle. Barbie quickly shuts her down with an lariat. Barbie with an dragon sleep while wrapping one of Justine's arms around and under Barbie's leg.

Barbie with an front facelock but Justine rams her into the corner. Justine with some shoulder thrusts. Justine goes for an splash but Barbi ducks. Barbie with Step-up high knee followed by a elevated headscissors takedown. Barbie begins to argue with the ref as Justine gets to her feet. Justine with some forearms, a clothesline followed by an double dropkick. Justine with three-quarter facelock into a Russian legsweep for two and an half.

Barbie reverses an flap jack attempt and lifts Justine on the top rope. Barbie with an Spike DDT of the top rope.

 Winner: Barbie Hayden via Hayden Halo (Elevated Spike DDT).

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