Friday, July 25, 2014

Coverage of NXT Live Event: Divas Triple Treat Match

This a report of a NXT Live Event in Plant City Armory, Florida. Tonight's match was contested in a triple-treat match.

Skylar Moon vs. Emma vs. Audrey Marie

Skylar takes her time playing with her skull. Audrey and Skylar singled out Emma. Emma avoids her attackers by rolling through them. Emma with some over the shoulder arm drags and a hip toss to Audrey. Skylar attempts to attack Emma from behind but freaks out when Emma goes to strike her. Emma with an tilt-a-whirl headsissors takedown to Audrey. Emma with a snapmare followed by a low dropkick. Skylar breaks up the pinfall.

Skylar sends her to the corner but Skylar misses a splash in the corner. Emma with an shoulder thrust and slides under her for an sunset flip. Emma with an Oklahoma roll but Audrey with a single leg dropkick. Audrey slams her face into the mat. Emma eventually catches Audrey and Skylar with an head scissors, headlock takeover combination. Emma goes for a suplex with no avail.

They double team Emma with a double gorilla press drop. Audrey throws Emma across the ring by her hair. Skylar does the slam. Audrey once again throws her by the hair. Skylar does some weird thing to Emma. Audrey traps Emma into the ropes as Skylar with a back rake. Skylar with a dropkick to Emma. Skylar pins Emma but Audrey breaks it up. Audrey screams at Skylar that she runs this match. Audrey pins her but Skylar breaks it up.

Audrey with a Boston crap and Skylar with a camel clutch to Emma. The two begin to fight as Emma recovers. Emma slams them into each other. Emma with a double leaping clothesline. Emma with a running crossbody to a seated Skylar in the corner. Emma with the same move to Audrey for the two count.

Skylar sends her into the corner followed by a corner clothesline. Audrey joined in the fray and ran at Emma but Skylar blasts her with a forearm. Emma catches Skylar with a Oklahoma roll when she went to pin Audrey. The referee was distracted so Emma only got a one count. Skylar pushes Emma away but Emma tries for a clothesline but Skylar catches her with spinning argentine backbreaker rack dropped into a reverse STO, which she calls the Merry-Go-Round-of-Doom for the win.

Winner: Skylar Moon via Merry-Go-Round-of-Doom

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