Monday, July 21, 2014

COVERAGE of Northern Plains Outlaw Wrestling: Scarlett Bordeux vs. Rose Thorn

This is full coverage of the following match which was contested on October 21, 2011 in the promotion Northern Plains Outlaw Wrestling in Williston, ND.


Scarlett Bordeux vs. Rose Thorn

 The match begins with Rose pushing Scarlett. Scarlett pushes her back only to get slapped in the face. Scarlett runs the ropes until Rose attempts a hip toss but Scarlett tries to reverse it with one of her own with no avail. Scarlett with an club to the midsection. Scarlett goes for a what looks like an legdrop bulldog but backflips out of the Rose's reversal attempt . Scarlett catches her with an over the shoulder arm drag. The two women trade arm wrench into wrist locks until Scarlett hits a arm wringer.

They trade short lived submissions until Scarlett knocks Rose out of the ring. Rose spends what feels like a eternity outside of the ring. Rose runs into an drop toe hold followed by an quick sweep to leg for two. Rose with a knife edge chop to Scarlett in the corner. Rose tosses her across the ring. Rose with an standing hair pull. Rose with a vertical suplex floated over into a pin for two.

Rose places Scarlett in the corner but Scarlett with an knee to the gut, Scarlett with some fast slaps to Rose. Scarlett whips Rose to the opposite corner followed by an monkey flip. Scarett with a Shining wizard transitioned into an rana pin for two. Rose chokes her on the ropes. Rose with an slap. Rose whips her into the ropes but Scarlett catches her with an spinning facebuster.

Both women are down as the referee counts. Rose and Scarlett get to the feet at 8. They trade punches. Scarlett with an sorta of kneeling facebuster. Scarlett with a leaping back elbow. Scarlett goes for another kneeling facebuster which looks like she landed bad on the fall. Scarlett comes back with a sitout facebuster.

Scarlett with whips her into the corner followed by another whip to the opposite corner which Rose reverses. Rose runs into an boot to the face. Scarlett flys of the top rope with an diving crossbody to get the win.

Winner: Scarlett Bordeaux via Diving crossbody.

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