Monday, July 21, 2014

COVERAGE of IWA Unlimited's "Code Black": Scarlett Bordeaux vs. Angelus Layne

IWA Unlimited's women's wrestling match between, making her IWAU debut, Scarlett Bordeaux and Angelus Layne.

From IWA Unlimited's "Code Black" wrestling event held on May 11, 2012, in Olney, IL.

Scarlett Bordeaux vs. Angelus Layne.

Scarlett was the heel in this match, adopting the persona of a superficial prima donna. Angelus pointed at her breast which she said this makes her a real women.  Scarlett screamed at the fans saying Angelus "is not a real women, she's a dog". Scarlett with a slap to the face. Scarlett slams her down by the hair. A fan screams at Scarlett "your not a real women, your a SLUT!". They lock up. Angelus powers her to the corner. Angelus with two forearms to Scarlett. Angelus quiets the audience and hits an knife edge chop. Angelus whips her across the ring. Angelus with an elbow splash onto Scarlett in the corner. Angelus with an quick vertical suplex for a one count.

Angelus with a scoop slam. Angelus misses an senton attempt. Scarlett goes for a sitout facebuster but Angelus powers her to the corner. Angelus with some mounted punches before Scarlett hits an inverted atomic drop. Scarlett begins to slam Angelus in the corner back and forth. Scarlett with some knife edge chop. Scarlett throws her across the ring by her hair. Scarlett with a rake to the back. Scarlett with an dragon sleeper through the ropes. Scarlett with some strikes to the groin area. Scarlett makes fun of her looks. Scarlett with a standing hair-pull. Scarlett with an pin for two and another pin for two.

Scarlett goes for an suplex but Angelus with a inside cradle for a one count. Angelus with an sidewalk slam. Angelus signals for an high flying move but Scarlett with an double axe handle to the back. Scarlett places her in an tree of woe and places her foot in the groin area. After a couple of strikes and a chinlock by Scarlett, Angelus fights back with an arm trap neckbreaker!

Both women are down until the count of six when Scarlett with an strike. The women trade punches until Angelus with a snapmare followed by an rolling neck snap. Angelus with an double knee followed by an quick pin. Scarlett with a kick. Scarlett goes for a Tornado DDT but Angelus reveres it with an bear hug into a bridging northern lights suplex for a almost three.

Scarlett with an double knee facebreaker for two. Scarlett with a dragon sleeper but Angelus powers her into the corner. Angelus catches Scarlett with an full nelson with some bodyscissors. Scarlett taps.

Winner via Submisson: Angelus Layne via Full nelson with bodyscissors.

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