Monday, June 2, 2014

FCW: Aksana vs. Maxine

In this special edition of "The Aksana Show", the General Manager of FCW Maxine takes on the host Aksana. In pervious weeks, Maxine has been trying to shut down the Aksana show but Aksana has been managing to hold on to it.

Maxine vs. Aksana

They lock up, Aksana with an side-headlock. Aksana with an armwrench followed by an swift punch to Maxine. Aksana whips Maxine into the ropes but she goes to the outside as Aksana follows her. Maxine with an elbow drop but misses. Aksana with an arm wrench but Maxine with an couple punches. Aksana whips in the corner followed by an running bulldog for 2. Maxine catches Aksana with an clothesline when she missed an dropkick. Maxine with an chinlock. Maxine whips her into the corner. Aksana with an kick but runs into an clothesline. Maxine with an jackknife pin.

Maxine misses Aksana in the corner and runs into the turnbuckle. Aksana with an couple clotheslines followed by an scoop slam for 2. Aksana drops down and uppercutting Maxine. Goldust's music hits. As Aksana looks confused, Maxine with an sit-out facebuster for the victory!

Winner via Pinfall: Maxine via Sit-out Facebuster

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