Monday, June 2, 2014

FCW 10/17/10: Kaitlyn vs. Maxine

This the FCW report for October 17, 2010. The General Manager of FCW Maxine takes on Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn vs. FCW General Manger Maxine.

The lock up. Maxine with an arm wrench but Kaitlyn with one of her own followed by an quick Fireman's carry take over. Kaitlyn with an wrenching armbar. Maxine with an punch but runs into an lifting knee lift for two. Maxine once again runs into Kaitlyn, who catches her with an scoop slam.
Maxine fakes an injury to take advantage but Kaitlyn with an hiptoss. Kaitlyn with an leaping clothesline. Maxine whips Kaitlyn in the corner but Kaitlyn with an back elbow. Kaitlyn with an sunset flip. Maxine with an small package for the victory.
Winner via Pinfall: Maxine via Small package.  

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