Saturday, May 17, 2014

WRESTLE RAMPAGE: Resurrection (Savannah Summers vs. Envy)

Riot City Wrestling’s women’s champion Savannah Summers is back after spending 2013 in the USA with the SHIMMER promotion. So far she is 2 from 2 at WRESTLE RAMPAGE, taking down KC Cassidy and Jessie McKay.
Savannah Summers vs. Envy
The lock up. Savannah whips Envy into the corner. Savannah charges at Envy. Envy with an back elbow. Envy with an clothesline. Savannah sends Envy to the corner. Savannah charges at her and misses. Envy with an running bulldog out of the corner. Envy with an
Savannah kicks out. Envy charges at Savannah. Savannah pulls her down on top of the second rope. Savannah with an hip attack to Envy who is across the ropes. Savannah with an inverted northern lights suplex. Savannah whips Envy into the ropes.
Envy catches Savannah with an headscissors takedown. Envy charges at Savannah who is in the corner but misses. Savannah with Fireman's carry stunner to Envy to pick up the win.
Winner via Pinfall: Savannah Summers via fireman's carry stunner.

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