Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Vendetta Pro Wrestling: Reby Sky vs Amber O'Neal

Reby Sky vs. Amber O'Neal

Amber O'Neal attacks Reby before the bell. Amber with some shoulder thrusts. Amber chokes Reby in the corner with her belt. The referee Shelly Martinez breaks it up. Sky rolls Amber with an schoolgirl as she was arguing with Martinez.....1.....2......almost three! Sky goes for an jackknife but instead she pulls off Amber skirt? Sky with an double leg drop to the groin followed by an prawn two and an half.

Amber attempts to escape but Reby stops her and pulls her half way over the ropes and spanks her. Amber hides behind the referee. Reby goes after her but Amber with an kneeling jawbreaker. Amber with an sit-out! Reby kicks out at two. Amber hits Sky with several forearm clubs to her back. Amber drags Sky over to the ropes and chokes her. Amber whips her but Sky with an short-arm side kick followed by an spinning sole kick.

Sky with an double leg drop followed by an pin for two.  Sky charges at Amber in the corner but Amber catches her with an hanging figure four necklock. Amber with an hot shot. Amber gets back in the ring and pins Reby kicks out at two. The women trade shoot kicks until Amber catches Reby's leg and tosses her down into an spilt. Amber with an armbar while pulling on her hair. Amber attempts to pin Reby using the ropes even though Shelly was watching her the whole time. Amber charges at Reby in the corner but gets struck with an back elbow. Reby with an tornado DDT.

Shelly begins counting both women while their down. Both women make it back up at nine. The trade punches until Sky hits her with an wind-up punch. Amber calls her an "Bitch" and get caught by an headscissors takedown. Reby with some clotheslines. Reby with an spin kick to Amber in the corner followed by an bulldog for two.

Amber whips Reby in the corner. Amber with an corner splash followed by an facewash. Amber and Shelly go at it. Reby kicks Amber into Shelly. Reby hits an Twister of Fate with theatrics! Reby pins her. Reby realizes Shelly is down. Reby wakes up Shelly, Amber attempts to capitalize but is hit with another Twist of Fate! Reby gets the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Reby Sky via Twist of Fate at 3:46

After the match, Reby is attacked by one of the male wrestlers who hits her with an twist of fate. He continues to attack as the bell rings. Reby's husband Matt Hardy makes the save. Hardy checks on Sky but they eventually celebrate Reby's win.

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