Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Vendetta Pro Wrestling: Reby Sky vs Hudson Envy

Reby Sky takes on Hudson Envy for Vendetta Pro Wrestling in Santa Maria, California.

Reby Sky vs. Hudson Envy

They lock up, Sky with an side-headlock. Envy stomps on Sky foot to escape. Envy with an armbar. Sky with another side-headlock followed by an swift schoolgirl. Sky puts her chokes Envy in the corner. Envy goes to the outside. Sky followers her to the outside. Envy trips on the rope as she is entering the ring. Sky hells "Are you serious!" and goes with an over the shoulder arm drag. Sky with another over the shoulder arm drag followed by an dropkick. Sky whips Envy in the corner but she reverses it. Envy screams and charges at Sky, Sky with an back elbow. Sky with an double axe handle  off the tope rope. Envy catches her with an swift punch to Sky.

Envy with an falling headbutt. Envy with an corner foot choke followed by an clothesline. Envy chokes Sky against the ropes followed by an kick to the ropes. Sky attempts to fight back with some punches but is cut off. Envy with an Short-arm clothesline. Envy with an kick to the groin. Sky goes back with an Envy kicks out.

Envy with an big boot to shut her down. Sky fights back with punches. The women trade punches until Sky comes back with some shoot kicks, Envy catches her leg and tosses her down into an spilt! Envy with an boot the face. Envy pins Sky kicks out. Sky comes back with an Headscissors takedown  followed by some clotheslines. Sky goes for Front facelock cutter a.k.a Twist of Fate but Envy attempts to reverses it but Sky hits the Twist of Fate! Sky gets the wins! 

Winner by Pinfall: Reby Sky via Twist of Fate at 5:30

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