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OVW TV #728: Nine-Woman Gauntlet match

This is the OVW Report for Wednesday, July 31, 2013. In this final episode before the next Saturday Night Special on August 3rd, the Femme Fatales compete in an Nine-Woman Gauntlet match to determine the number one contender for the OVW Women's Championship.

OVW Women's Champion Trina comes out for commentary.

Nine-Woman Gauntlet match

Taeler Hendrix is the first participate coming out to Christina Aguilera "Not Myself Tonight". Next is Heidi Lovelace.

Taeler gives Heidi the first shot, Heidi with an slap. Heidi attempts to toss Hendrix over the top rope but Hendrix remains in the match. Taeler with an chop to Heidi's chest. Taeler goes to eliminate Heidi with no avail as Hannah Blossom enters the match. Hannah beats down on Taeler and tosses her to the side. Hannah attempts to eliminate Heidi as Heidi tries to eliminate Hannah. Taeler with an double axe handle and back rake to Hanna followed by an boot to Heidi.

Hannah and Heidi teams up to eliminate Hendrix. Nikki St. John is the next participate. Nikki with some shots to both Heidi and Hannah. Taeler believes Nikki is her ally but Nikki with an punch but misses. Taeler pushes St. John into Lovelace. Heidi with some knife edge chops to Taeler in the corner as Hannah tosses St. John in the opposite corner. The two attempt to whip Taeler and Nikki into each other but Taeler reverses. The crash into each other as Hannah and Taeler hit each other which knocks them down.

Holly Blossom is out next. Holly ask Hannah to help eliminate the others but Hannah charges at Holly. The two trades sweeps to the legs. Both with an dropkick to each other but both fail. They both try to eliminate each with no avail. Taeler and Nikki eliminate Holly.

Holly Blossom is eliminated.

The two celebrate as Hannah looks on but not for long as the turn on each other. Lovely Lylah enters with an fancy entrance. Hannah quickly hits her with an bicycle kick. Hannah tries to eliminate Lylah but her weight advantage keeps her down. Taeler in holding onto the steel pole on the outside. Taeler eventually reenters.

Jessie Belle is the next entrance. She quickly goes after Lovely Lylah. Jessie with some shots. Lylah scoops her up and over the top rope. Taeler pushs Lylah to Jessie. Lylah with an shot but misses. Jessie with an shoulder block into Lylah. Jessie reenters the ring. Lei'D Tapa is the next entrance. Lei'D Tapa with an big boot to Heidi. Hannah with some shots but Lei'D Tapa eliminates Hannah!

Hannah Blossom is eliminated.

Lylah charges at Tapa but Tapa pushes her away. Hendrix and St. John go at Tapa but fail. All of them attack Tapa. Tapa knocks them all off. Taeler eliminates Taeler Hendrix. Tapa eliminates Nikki St. John next. Tapa scoops Jessie Belle over the top rope.

Taeler Hendrix, Nikki St. John, Jessie Belle are eliminated.

The final participate Envy rushes quickly to the ring. Tapa tosses Lovely Lylah over the top and she falls.

Lovely Lylah is eliminated.

Envy yells at Tapa. Tapa face pushes Envy. Tapa yells at Trina that she's coming for the title as Envy is furious at Tapa. Envy attempts to slap Tapa but Tapa catches her. Tapa chokes her. Tapa flips Envy backwards over the ropes as Taeler Hendrix watches shocked.

Envy is eliminated.

Tapa challenges Trina to come in the ring so she can crush her. Tapa doesn't know Heidi Lovelace is still in the match. Lovelace with an shot to the back of Tapa. Tapa kicks Heidi in the stomach and lifts her into an powerbomb position and goes to eliminate her. Heidi reverses and Tapa goes over the rope! Heidi wins the match!

Winner and number 1 contender: Heidi Lovelace

Trina gets in the ring to congratulate Heidi. Tapa reenters the ring and Heidi turns into a big boot. Trina then gets the Fireman's carry stunner as Tapa yells that this is her island and holds up the OVW Women's Championship.

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