Saturday, May 17, 2014

OVW TV #726: ODB returns for One Night Only

This is the OVW Report for Wednesday, July 17, 2013.

Taeler Hendrix and Envy walking down the hallway and Taeler tells Envy that Wednesdays are for blue nail polish, not red. They walk in on Jessie Godderz, who wants some privacy, and they call him a loser.

TNA Knockout and the first Women's Champion ODB comes to the ring. She says it's good to be back. She talks about how when she was in OVW, she started the Women's division. She won the first ever OVW Women's Title in Rio De Janeiro. She got arrested at a show at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. She wrestled with the likes of Beth Phoenix, Serena, Katie Lea, Alicia Fox, and Kelly Kelly.

She said she wouldn't mind getting a little physical tonight, and asks for the toughest girl in the back to come out. Trina answers the call and says she is the OVW Women's Champion. Lei'd Tapa then comes out. ODB tells Tapa "Don't eat me." Tapa says that Trina might be champion, but she is the toughest here. ODB says how about we do a 3-way...BAM!

Lei'd Tapa vs. ODB vs. Trina.

Lei'D Tapa shoves Trina down. ODB with several forehand chops followed by an body avalanche to Tapa in the corner. Trina with an right hand to ODB, ODB charges at Trina and knocks her down. ODB with an drop-toe hold face slam. ODB with an inverted facelock. Trina slams ODB in the corner and with some shoulder blocks. Trina with an knife edge chop followed by an clothesline. Trina pins ODB but Tapa breaks it up.

Tapa hits both women with an tomahawk chop followed by an leaping double shoulder block.
 Tapa slam ODB face into the mat. Tapa applies an inverted mandible claw. Tapa with several stomps to ODB as she levels her self in the corner. Tapa with an corner foot choke. Tapa with an scoop slam. Trina attempts to come back into the match but Tapa shuts her down. Tapa whips ODB into the corner and charges at her.

ODB rolls through and lifts Tapa up. Tapa's weight advantage causes Tapa to fall onto top of ODB. Trina breaks up the pin. Trina with an inverted chinlock, Tapa gets to her feet and flips Trina over. ODB with several forehand chops as she enlist Trina to double team her. They whip Tapa into the ropes. They duck an clothesline and hit an double shoulder block but Tapa doesn't go down. They hit another shoulder block but she doesn't go down.

They charge and hit an leaping shoulder block to knock Tapa off her feet. Trina rolls ODB in an schoolgirl as she went to pin Tapa. Trina attempts and crossbody block but ODB catches her and hits an fallaway slam followed by a kip-up. ODB charges at Trina, and Trina pulls the top rope down causing ODB to fly out. Trina turns into a big boot from Tapa and Tapa gets the victory.

Winner via Pinfall: Lei'D Tapa via big boot.

The A-List (Taeler Hendrix & Envy) & Lovely Lylah vs. Heidi Lovelace & The Blossom Twins.

Envy makes her in-ring debut teaming with her fellow "The Mean Girls" a.k.a The A-List partner Taeler Hendrix and Lovely Lylah against Heidi Lovelace and The Blossom Twins (Hannah and Holly Blossom).

The lock up, Lylah with a side headlock on Holly. Holly reverses and tags in Hannah. Hannah with an take over and tags in Heidi. Heidi with an headbutt to Lylah in the ribcage and tags Holly back in. Holly with a side headlock takedown. Lylah manages to escape with an couple shots to Holly and tags Envy.

Envy charges at Holly, Holly with an drop toe-hold. Holly with an side-headlock, and Holly tags Hannah in. Hannah rolls up Envy in an Envy kicks out at 2. Hanna tags in Heidi who tries a small, Envy kicks out again. Heidi tags Holly in and goes to roll her again Envy kicks out.

Envy with an toe kick. Envy drags her by her hair and slams her into her corner. Envy tags in Taeler. Taeler with an corner foot choke to Holly. Taeler with an forehand chop. Hendrix hits her with an  boot. Hendrix with another forehand chop.

Lylah blind tags herself in. She charges Holly, but misses and runs into the corner. Holly tags in Heidi. Heidi jumps up on Lylah's shoulders and plants her with a sitout facebuster for 3.

Winners via Pinfall: Heidi Lovelace & The Blossom Twins via V-Splash.

 After the match, the "The Mean Girls" (Taeler Hendrix and Envy) who aren't happy about Lylah costing them the match write "L" which stands for loser on Lylah's forehead with lipstick.

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