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OVW TV #692: Scarlett Bordeaux vs. Taryn Terrell

This is the OVW Report for the night of Wednesday, November 21, 2012.

Taeler Hendrix vs. Heidi Lovelace in an Dark match

Taeler kept mocking Heidi asking her "Where's Your Title?" and avoiding entering the ring. Taeler who was the special guest referee in the OVW Women's title match in which Hendrix made fast count making Taryn Terrell the new champion. Heidi finally brought her in and went to town taking out her frustrations from Taeler costing her the title from the week before. Taeler was able to come back and roll up Heidi in an Schoolgirl with handful of tights.

Winner by Pinfall: Taeler Hendrix via Schoolgirl with an handful of tight

Scarlett Bordeaux making her entrance. 

Scarlett Bordeaux vs. Taryn Terrell

Scarlett Bordeaux takes on the new OVW Women's Champion Taryn Terrell in an non-title match. Scarlett makes her way to the ring (her entrance theme is "We Started This Op'ra Sh_t" by Repo! The Genetic Opera)

Scarlett and Taryn shake hands. Taryn applies an side headlock to Bordeaux, which she escapes. Taryn hits Scarlett with an shoulder block. Scarlett attempts to catch Terrell in an hip toss but in turn is hit with an hip toss. Taryn with an over the shoulder arm drag and then with an scoop slam close to the corner. Taryn attempts an Diving crossbody off the second rope which Scarlett moves out of the way. Scarlett with an snapmare followed by a shoot kick to the back of Terrell.

Scarlett with an shining wizard into an rana pin for an one count. Scarlett leaps on Taryn back, and applies an dragon sleeper with bodyscissors.Taryn slams Bordeaux into the corner and flips her over. Taryn ducks an clothesline and hits an spinning back elbow and two leaping clotheslines. Taryn with an northern lights suplex. Taryn whips Scarlett into the corner and catches her in an snapmare. Taryn with an diving bulldog of the second rope to get the win!

Winner via Pinfall: Taryn Terrell via Diving bulldog

After the match, Dylan Bostic came out with a camera asking Taryn to take a picture. Taryn blew him off, but as she walked out of the ring with her back turned, Taeler came out from behind with a bucket of the her dog's feces from earlier and dumped it over Taryn's head. Taryn screamed as Taeler and Dylan laughed as they walked to the back. Taryn runs to the back after Taeler and Dylan leave.

Taryn Terrell performing an Diving bulldog on Scarlett.

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