Tuesday, May 13, 2014

OVW TV #689: Beat the Clock Challenges

At the Davis Arena, the Femme Fatales were at each other's throats

Epiphany vs. Jessie Belle  in an Dark Match

Epiphany was dressed as Red Riding Hood and Jessie Belle was dressed like a genie.

Epiphany controlled most of the match due to her size advantage, but Jessie Belle made an come back fight back against Epiphany. The each made pin attempts with no avail of an win. The match ended after a double pin attempt and was declared a draw since both women's shoulders were down.

No contest: Both women's shoulder were pin down.

Heidi Lovelace comes out with Taeler Hendrix and Josette Bynum. All three women are arguing, mainly Josette and Taeler. Heidi was dressed as an playboy bunny, Josette had an Amazon outfit, and Taeler was Poison Ivy from Batman.

Heidi grabs a mic and says they each have a chance for a 1-on-1 match against her at Saturday Night Special. They both have to defeat their opponent in less than 3 minutes, though.

Taeler Hendrix vs. December

December is dressed as an cop. As the match begins Taeler begins to argue with Josette outside of the ring which allows December to take advantage and roll Taeler Hendrix up in an School girl for.....1....2..kick out. Taeler comes at December who hits an sloppy drop-toe-hold. December goes for an Oklahoma roll on an grounded Taeler and gets an two count. December whips Hendrix into the ropes and goes for an dropkick but Hendrix hangs on to the ropes. Taeler quickly chokes December while arguing with Josette.

Hendrix taunts December with her badge. Taeler hits her with an Headbutt which sends her into the corner. Taeler sends December flying to the other corner which she precedes to work on December's leg. Josette gets on the apron to distract Hendrix. December attempts to take advantage but runs in Josette! December turns around where she is with an roundhouse kick to pick up the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Taeler Hendrix via Roundhouse kick in 1:30

Taeler advances to face Heidi Lovelace at the Saturday Nigh Special for the OVW Women's Campionship. Up next, Josette competes against Scarlett Bordeaux.

Josette Bynum vs. Scarlett Bordeaux.

Josette controls the match early on. She picks up Scarlett and hits an scoop slam. The same thing happened in this match as Josette begins to argue with Taeler Hendrix which allows Scarlett to take advantage and roll-up and gets an two count. Josette attempts to clothesline Scarlett but gets caught in an backslide for another two count. Scarlett sweeps her leg and pins her for an one count. Scarlett attempts to strike an distracted Josette but is hit with an kneeling jawbreaker. Josette puts the boot to Scarlett and slams her face into the mat. Josette performs an snapmare and attempts to go for an leg drop but her leg is pulled by Taeler who is in turn stopped by Heidi, Scarlett attempts to take advantage but Josette lifts Bordeux and hits an Death Vally Driver to pick up the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Josette Bynum via Death Valley Driver in 2:12

Which means Josette Bynum advances to face Heidi Lovelace at the Saturday Nigh Special. Taeler and Heidi come in the ring with microphones. Taeler says she is still the number one contender to the title, Josette rips the microphones out of Taeler hand and says she'll be an eight time champion. An angry Lovelace tells the two she beaten them both and will be champion after SNS. Josette toss the girls together and assaults Hedi.

At the Saturday Night Special, Heidi Lovelace will defend the OVW Women's Championship against Taeler Hendrix and Josette Bynum in an triple-treat match.

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