Tuesday, May 13, 2014

CSW: Scarlett Bordeaux Debut

Scarlett Bordeaux made her professional wrestling debut in independent promotion Chicago Style Wrestling on April 27, 2012 in Countryside, Illinois at a CSW Southside Showdown event against Angel.

Scarlett Bordeaux vs. The Angel with The Elite Payne

They lock up, Scarlett gets Angel in the corner. The Angel begins to complain to the referee. They lock up again as The Angel uses her weight advantage and pushes Scarlett against the ropes. The referee gets to three before she releases it. The Angel with an slap to Scarlett. Scarlett runs at The Angel and ducks an clothesline followed by an leaping clothesline by Scarlett. Scarlett with an knee lift followed by an knife edge chop. Scarlett with some knees, punches and knife edge chops to The Angel in the corner. Scarlett with an corner splash followed by an bulldog for two.

Scarlett dives off the second rope with an double axe handle but was caught with an right hand trust. The Angel with an scoop slam. The Angel with an knee lift, an knife edge chop and an palm strike followed by an clothesline to Scarlett in the corner. The Angel chokes Scarlett with the ropes for the four count before letting go. The Angel with an body slam. The Angel takes Scarlett by the hair and throws her into the corner. The Angel with an rolling somersault onto Scarlett and with an monkey flip for an two count.

The Angel with an couple strikes to the back of Scarlett. The Angel with an spinning backbreaker and applies an backbreaker hold. Scarlett breaks the hold by kicking The Angel in the head several times. Scarlett falls on top of The Angel for an two count. The Angel gets up first and chokes Scarlett against the ropes. The Angel whips Scarlett against the ropes, she ducks an clothesline and both women catch each other with an spinning facebuster!

Both women are down. The Angel precedes to attack Scarlett but she blocks an punch, the two women trade punches. Scarlett gains momentum and clotheslines The Angel twice before hitting her with an spinning wheel kick for.....1.....2....no! The Angel kicks out at two and an half. Scarlett goes for an suplex or an DDT but The Angel reverses with an Reverse STO! ....1.....2.....NO! Scarlett kicks out right before the three count. The Angel is shocked and begins to argue with the Referee.

The Angel with an couple knee lifts, she sends Scarlett in the corner. The Angel runs at Scarlett but Scarlett with an back elbow to The Angel. Scarlett with an diving crossbody off the top rope. ....1.....2.....NO! The Angel  kicks out right before the three count. Scarlett back on the top rope. One of The Elite Payne distracts the referee while the other pulls Scarlett down. The Angel with an superplex. ....1.....2.....NO! Once again, Scarlett kicks out right before the three count. 

The Angel is frustrated. The Angel with an snap suplex and float over but Scarlett catches her with an insider cradle. Scarlett gets the win! The Angel couldn't believe it!

Winner by Pinfall: Scarlett Bordeaux via Inside Cradle.

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