Tuesday, May 13, 2014

CSW: Can Scarlett Bordeaux make it 2:0?

Scarlett Bordeaux returned to the promotion to face The Angel. Scarlett became the first women to defeat The Angel in CSW History.

Scarlett Bordeaux vs. The Angel with The Elite Payne

The two lock up, Scarlett with an side headlock. The Angel breaks out of it. The Angel with an knife edge chop to Scarlett against the ropes. The Angel whips Scarlett, Scarlett with an shoulder block. Scarlett ducks an clothesline followed by an headscissors takedown. Scarlett with an leaping knee lift to The Angel in the corner. Scarlett with an monkey flip followed by an shoot kick to the back of The Angel. Scarlett goes for an shining wizard into an rana pin for 1....2...no! The Angel kicks out.

The Angel quickly crawls the corner and calls for one of The Elite Payne. Scarlett with an slap on The Angel's butt. Scarlett leaps out of the corner on to The Angel. The Angel catches her and drops her with an turnbuckle facebuster. The Angel with some kicks, knife edge chops and chokes Scarlett against the ropes. The Elite Payne attempts to choke Scarlett but is caught by the referee. The Angel with an front facelock but Scarlett catches her with an inside cradle which won her pervious match. ....1.....2....No! The Angel manages to escape the pinfall.

The Angel with some shoulder trusts and knife edge chops to Scarlett in the corner. The Angel with an snapmare followed by an sliding side kick to the face of Scarlett. The Angel with an scoop slam followed by an diving stomp. The Angel lifts Scarlett but is caught with an dragon sleeper with bodyscissors! The Angel uses her weight advantage to flip Scarlett off of her.

The Angel goes for another choke against the rope this time while pulling the arms up. The Angel with an couple shoulder trust to Scarlett in the corner. The Angel whips Scarlett into the ropes. Scarlett ducks an clothesline and catches her with an lariat. Scarlett with some clotheslines followed by an spinning wheel kick. 1.....2...no! The Angel kicks out. Scarlett with an front facelock. The Angel with an knee lift, she whips Scarlett into the corner. Scarlett with an back elbow. Scarlett with an Diving crossbody off the top rope.

One of The Elite Payne fights with the referee while Scarlett is making the pin. The other tosses one of the tag title belts to The Angel as Scarlett is distracted. The Angel hits Scarlett with title and pins her for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: The Angel

After the match, The Angel tosses Scarlett to the outside as The Elite Payne comes to celebrate.

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