Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Reby Sky takes on Tab Jackson in Vendetta Pro Wrestling which was taped in Chowchilla, California.

Reby Sky vs. Tab Jackson

They lock up, Tab with an wrist lock. Reby rolls through and applies one herself. Tab attempts to escape several times until Reby tosses her across the ring. Reby with an couple over the shoulder arm drags followed by an drop kick. Sky rides her around the ring. Tab escapes and rolls out of the ring. Tab with an hotshot to Reby.

Tab ducks an clothesline and hits an back kick followed by snapmare. Tab applies an surfboard. Reby refuses to submit. Tab releases the hold. The two trade knife edge chops until Tab pulls Reby down by the hair. Tab with an clothesline. Reby fights back with some punches followed by some shoot kicks. Tab catches her leg and tosses her down into an spilt. Tab with an foot ball kick and pins Reby kicks out.

Tab tosses her into the corner. Tab with an stinkface. Reby escapes and gives her an stinkface of her own. Tab whips her into the corner and charges at her. Reby with an back elbow followed by an diving crossbody....1....2.....almost three! Reby with an spin kick to Tab in the corner followed by an bulldog....1....2.....almost three! Sky charges at Tab but eats an dropkick! Reby kicks out.

Tab is frustrated. Reby with an Twist of Fate for the win!

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